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drone reviewsSecurity, search and rescue
The use of remotely controlled camera drones in the field of search and rescue services, fire brigades, police and other SAR organisations becomes more and more common.
he advantages are obvious, as the unmanned mission protects human life, and provides fast and flexible an essential advance for immediate assessment of the situation in acute danger.

Flight time.
However, almost all of the UAV had inevitable problem.
The limited flight time will probably kill the developing of kinds of small commercial drones with current power technology.

TATTU, a new battery brand for UAV uses under Gens Ace published some high capacity 16000mAh and 22000mAh 6S1P lipo packs for Octocopter. It is the highest single cell capacity in the RC market. According to the sourcing, the 22000mAh 6S packs could fly DJI S1000 Octocopter including the camera with 20 minutes.
It is a good start. These packs are going with high energy density and low resistance difference.
We can not measure the future developing about this project, all we can ensure are it will free people's hands and make your life more convenient and beautiful.

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